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A Very Doggy Christmas, All Natural Treats - The Treat Jar

Updated: May 25, 2022

In keeping with our all natural products we wanted to keep our Christmas themed products handmade. So we came up with a range of gorgeous presents you can gift your furry friend with zero guilt! They are all bagged, wrapped and ready to hang on the Christmas Tree.

Your only issue will be keeping the sniffers out of the presents under the Christmas Tree.

all natural handmade dog treats for christmas, doggy bag

Christmas Lunch Doggy Bag

Who doesn't love Christmas Lunch?? Family and friends, prawns and pretzels, pre-lunch snaks, roast chicken, crispy pork, bon-bons and of course desert!! But who has time to make lunch for the four legged members of the family?

We understand that it's a crazy busy time so we've put together the ultimate All Natural, Handmade Christmas Lunch Doggy bag - you don't have to do a thing!!

It includes :

Pre-dinner snak (liver)

Pretzel (turkey)

Prawn (dehydrated)

Roast Chicken (foot and wing)

Cripsy Pork (snout)

Fishy bits

Christmas Cookies

An ugly bone


A doggy bon-bon (sorry no hat, just delicious treatos)

all natural handmade dog treats for christmas, doggy bag

Doggy Bon-Bons

all natural handmade dog treats christmas bon bon

Hand crafted crackers designed with your furry friend in mind.

Sorry, no hat, but a Treat Jar Bon Bon is stuffed with yummy doggo treats.

Filled with :

A crunchy fish treat

An ugly bone

Buttermilk Bone

and a Charcoal Teefs Bone

Buy them individually or in a bundle! They'll look great on the Christmas Table.

Fishy Chrissy Stocking

The fishier the better when it comes to a doggo's favourite treat, and these crunchy dehydrated Australian Sardines are an efficient and economical way to feed your furry friends essential omega-3s.

So, delicious AND healthy! Win win Christmas Present for your BFF.


all natural handmade dog treats christmas stocking

Retro Christmas Cookie Tins

Our best selling Ugly Bones have had a makeover for Christmas!

Served up in a retro collectible Christmas Tin, they have donned their fanciest flavours to get in the holiday spirit.

Using superfoods to glam up, these already delicious doggy bones are now even healthier!

Green Spirulina for improved immunity

Turmeric and pumpkin for digestion

Beetroot for Vitamin C

These crunchy biscuits may not look pretty, but they are mighty tasty!

Great as rewards, the perfect addition to your doggo's kong, or even broken up as training treats.

all natural handmade dog treats for christmas tin

Christmas Bauble

Don’t forget cookies for Santa and his helpers!!

Filled with delicious Christmassy cookies, choose one for your doggo (cranberries for the win) AND one for your cat (our doggo tasters SO wanted to get their teeth around the tuna ones).

Each bauble holds around six cookies tied together with a gorgeous ribbon it’s ready to hang on the Christmas tree.

We can’t guarantee they will last until Christmas Eve 🎅

all natural handmade dog treats cranberry christmas cookies

Gift Card

Can't decide on what to get? Give the gift of choice! Purchase a Treat Jar gift card and your loved one can treat their fur babies to delicious all natural treats this Christmas.

all natural handmade dog treats christmas gift card


All natural, carefully considered, locally sourced and made.

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